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Wild Wild West


The inaugural expedition into the Wild Wild West was held this past Memorial Day weekend.

Sheriff Mitchell led more than fifty intrepid riders past dusty trails and the possibility of wild animals as they ventured from Clermont through Sumter County and Inverness to their overnight destination at the Lakeside Golf Resort. By the time the riders had arrived, the wagon master had already delivered all the extra saddlebags to each of the bunkhouses (luxury rental homes) and all that was left to do was to jump into the pond (private pool) out back to get the trail dust off.  After resting up in the afternoon, the posse met for dinner at the Sheriff’s bunkhouse.  As is the custom for Florida Freewheelers gatherings, there was too much food and beverage for everyone to consume, but most of the cowboys and cowgirls did their best to make sure nothing was left over.  As the sun set over the prairie, everyone headed back to their own bunkhouse for a final dip in the pond and a good night’s sleep.

After the Sheriff hosted a hearty trail breakfast, the riders mounted their steeds for the trip back to Clermont.  At the end Sheriff Mitchell announced that the coyotes had failed to take down a single rider (although a squirrel did claim a couple) and the entire posse had made it back safely. The plans for the Wild Wild West in 2014 include an extra day to ride, canoe, golf or relax.  Stay tuned so you don’t miss it!

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