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Volunteer to Become a Ride Leader

The foundation of our club is built upon the many rides that we offer. Our club is unique in that we offer a wide selection of rides of different speeds, distances, locations, etc. This is only made possible by our many volunteer ride leaders, and we are always welcoming our members to step forward and lead rides. While it might appear a bit intimidating a first, it really isn’t too difficult to do. Within the club we offer rider leader training a few times a year, both in person and virtual. In addition, there is always an experienced rider leader who will work with a new rider leader to help them with their first rides.

One benefit of being a ride leader is that you get to choose the type (e.g, B, C, S, etc.), distance, starting location, route, day and time of the ride you want to lead. If the route doesn’t already exist, no problem, you can create a new one. We can help you create your new route using cycling apps like mapmyride or ridewithgps, and we even have a mapmaker in the club who can create a visual map in pdf format for you to use.

If it were not for our members who volunteer to lead rides, we wouldn’t have a club to ride with. We encourage all of our members to give it a try and lead a ride. You might just discover how fun it can be. Oh, and did we mention you can earn awards for leading a ride? Click here for more details.

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