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Road Rides

Written by Stuart Beal.

The Florida Freewheelers host several “Road Rides” during the weekdays and weekends. The ride start times, location, route, distance, category and ride leader are all listed on our ride schedule for the upcoming week. Most of the weekday rides repeat each week, but our weekend rides are always different routes all around the central Florida area. You can contact the ride leader in advance if you have any questions about the ride.

We categorize our Road Rides by the rolling speed with A being the fastest pace and D being the slowest ride (see Ride Category Table below). The D ride is also a no drop ride, so the ride leader will ensure everyone stays with the group and doesn’t get dropped during the ride. This makes the D ride a good starting ride for a new rider who wants to learn how to ride safely on the road with a group, but also wants to ensure they don’t get lost or left alone during the ride. Club members also have access to our vast library of route maps and GPS route files on our Ride Maps page.

In addition to our Road Rides, the club also leads both Social and ATB rides. Click on those links to learn more those rides.

A – 20+ mph: Experienced Riders Only. Be able to read a map and change a flat. Very fast to racing pace.
B – 17-21 mph: Experienced Riders Only. Be able to read a map, change a flat, and ride 20 miles non-stop.
C – 15-18 mph: Be able to read a map and change a flat, but don’t be upset if you get dropped.
D – 12-15 mph: No-Drop ride. Ride leader will make sure no rider is dropped.
S – 10-15 mph: Leisurely, social ride. Distance varies. Ride leader and sweep will make sure no rider is dropped.
ATB – Mountain Bike Ride: Speeds and distances vary. Call the ride leader for more info.
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