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Ride Leader Acknowledgement Form

    Ride leaders must read and accept by checking box below

    Florida Freewheelers Ride Leader Acknowledgement

    The Florida Freewheelers want ride leaders and participants to have a safe experience while riding. We have established these guidelines to help you promote safety and consistency when acting as Ride Leader. Once you have reviewed the points below please record your signature by checking the box below your name.

    • Ride Leader shall arrive at least 15 minutes before ride departure time.
    • Ride Leader shall make route maps available to ride participants when a published map can be provided, and communicate any route changes.
    • 5 minutes before ride start, Ride Leader shall introduce themselves to group and designate the ride as a FFW ride.
    • Ride Leader shall review ride length, ride speed, rest stops and safety information, as well as the FFW requirements that helmets must be worn and ear buds may not be used. Additionally, Leader shall remind riders to call out all road hazards and approaching cars.
    • Ride Leader shall ask NON-MEMBERS to identify themselves and request their signature on the FFW Participant Waiver PRIOR to their participation that day if they have not previously signed.

    Primary Member

    Family Member (if applicable)

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