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New Club Jersey


We have added a new club jersey to our traditional one with the flamingo on front.  This new jersey will be offered in two colors (yellow and blue) giving you an additional kit to promote the club.  The jersey is now ready for ordering via the Internet using the Jakroo website. 

Jakroo is the distributor that handled our 2011 Horrible Hundred jerseys and the 2012 Florida Bicycle Safari jerseys.  To complete the kit, we will also be offering blue shorts that will match both jerseys.  The jerseys will be offered in sizes from XS to XXL in both men’s and women’s in sport (relaxed) and race (tight) cuts.  The yellow jersey will also be offered in a sleeveless version.  The cycling shorts will be offered in both regular and bib versions.  The orders will be held until the end of each month and then shipped directly to you.   Click [here] to open the Florida Freewheelers storefront on the Jakroo website.

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