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Mike Gladwin is the 2013 Spirit of Cycling Award winner

Mike Gladwin was named the recipient of the 2013 Spirit of Cycling Award at the Florida Freewheelers annual meeting on January 8th.  Mike has contributed heavily to the Florida Freewheelers and cycling for many, many years. 

Mike joined the club in 1989.  After volunteering at club events in various capacities throughout the 1990s and 2000s he agreed to be the Director of the 2006 Florida Bicycle Safari.  When Mike produced a highly successful event the Board of Directors convinced him to direct the Horrible Hundred that year as well.  Since then Mike has been Safari Director a total of seven times.  The upcoming Safari in April will be his eighth as the director.  He has also been the director of the Horrible Hundred a total of five times and plans to add a sixth in November of 2014.  These events involve months of planning and coordination to accomplish and Mike now does it with such ease that it looks easy.  Rest assured it’s not.  Mike’s focus on the big picture as well as the details of each event makes them better and better.  He realizes that, aside from bringing in money that the club depends on to operate and fund its donation program, the Florida Bicycle Safari and the Horrible Hundred introduce many cyclists to the possibility of more than a neighborhood ride.  Somewhere out there this year’s Safari or Horrible might inspire a future Spirit of Cycling Award winner.  

Congratulations to Mike Gladwin, winner of the 2013 Florida Freewheelers Spirit of Cycling Award.

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