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Indoor Bike Reviews

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21 Feb 2014 09:16 #79 by Forum Admin
Indoor Bike Reviews was created by Forum Admin
My name is Emma and I am a researcher with Our team spends its time developing expert, unbiased, data-driven product and service reviews, which are totally free to everyone. If you’ve ever made a purchase decision by comparing many alternatives, you know how valuable these resources can be to save time.

I want to share with you a resource that I believe would benefit the fitness enthusiasts in your biking club. As you probably have experienced, there are often times when you wish you could get out on the open road but due to events such as bad weather, family commitments, or just getting out of work late, it’s sometimes impossible to get out on your favorite bike course. Many bikers conveniently turn to indoor trainers, spinning bikes or regular exercise bikes to supplement their fitness when it is impossible to get outdoors. Because of this, we have developed a completely free resource to help bikers choose the best exercise bikes for their needs - saving them time and possibly money by providing in-depth guides and expert reviews.

You can see the guide, reviews, and ratings here: .

We also provide a top list resource specific to the best spinning bikes: .

My team, which is comprised of researchers and industry experts, dedicated many hours examining and evaluating over 157 different exercise bikes. Based on a number of data points, we were able to narrow that list down leaving us with 16 standout bikes. Our research team then conducted a thorough review of each of those options, evaluating each bike across 53 different features. The end result, which is updated each year, is a data-driven, non-biased rating for each of those bikes.

We are just now rolling out this exercise bike resource, but below you can see how many other fitness clubs such as running clubs and triathlon clubs have used our treadmill guide for their members as a trusted source of information.

Philadelphia’s Running Club - - listed as ‘’
Arizona Running Club - - listed as ‘Treadmill Review’’
Oregon State Triathlon Club - - listed as ‘Excellent Treadmill Reviews’ under the Running header
By doing this, these clubs give their members a comprehensive resource that can save a lot of time and energy as they make an otherwise laborious decision on buying a treadmill. In a similar way you could use this new exercise bike guide to help your members evaluate different indoor trainers.

Would you consider linking to our work from your site? We would love to see this guide listed on your site for your members to use as a reference. You would be giving the bikers in your club access to information to help them achieve their fitness goals rain or shine!

Thanks for the consideration,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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