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Cyclists joining a Florida Freewheeler ride may ride bicycles with electric assist motors (E-Bikes) on Club group rides under the following conditions:

1. E-Bike riders will observe and follow FFW Club rules and policies governing ride safety and etiquette.

2. E-Bikes eligible to participate in group rides must be pedal-assisted (the bike does not move without pedaling). It may not utilize a throttle, meaning that it must be a Class 1 or Class 3 E-Bike.

The table below lists the E-bikes allowed by ride category:

Ride Type Class 1 E-Bike Class 3 E-Bike
ATB Yes* No
S (10-15 mph) Yes Yes
D (12-15 mph) Yes Yes
C (15-18 mph) Yes Yes
B (17-21 mph) No Yes
A (20+ mph) No No

*Subject to trail/park regulations.

3. Class 2 E-Bikes are prohibited from participating in group rides due to the potential inability to clearly and consistently differentiate throttle-controlled cycles (for example, electric motorcycles) from E-Bikes. This exclusion extends principally from safety considerations consistent with the intent of protecting all riders.

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