03 July 2011

About the Club - Weekly Rides

Written by Executive Director

Florida Freewheelers


Who are the Florida Freewheelers?

The Florida Freewheelers is a cycling club with more than 700 members based in Central Florida.  Its members are people like you who ride bicycles for recreation, fitness and sport.  The club has riders of all shapes, sizes and skill levels ranging from beginner to recreational to racing. You may see cycling enthusiasts from the age of two to ninety-two.

What do we do?

We ride bikes in the Central Florida area.   Our members ride road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, tandems, and recumbents.  We offer several types of regularly scheduled rides, so you can choose the ride that best suits your bike and riding skill.


15 April 2014

Horrible Hundred

Written by Executive Director




 The 2015 Horrible Hundred will be held on November 15th.


 Join the Florida Freewheelers in celebrating one of Florida's oldest continuous rides,

 the 36th Horrible Hundred.    Will you survive?